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This project presented unique challenges because my team and I had to choose our client. When trying to evaluate a core business problem in potential clients, EB Games stood out because the sector as a whole is in the midst of a shift from physical media to digital distribution. EB Games financial reports from the previous two years supported our theory that EB Games was struggling with this transition, as a majority of their income is from the sale of new or used physical media, both of which were declining.

Our goal was to give EB Games a unique differentiator that would leverage their strength in physical media in the short term, while providing the opportunity to move into digital media down the road. We created a subscription video game rental service that we feel enables customers to have new experiences not previously available with other services.


The ability to rent console hardware and peripherals is unique to EB Vanguard.
The ability to rent console hardware and peripherals is unique to EB Vanguard.

Unique to Vanguard is the ability to rent console hardware and peripherals. We envision this allowing customers to have Rockband parties on a whim without the need to actually own the hardware.

Another area we felt was well suited to the EB Games customer base was the focus on the relationship between guardians and children in their use of the service. Guardian and child users have different options available on their profile pages, and while children can’t change the plan or approve extra charges, there are alternative ways for them to pay for console and peripheral rentals.

If you’re interested in looking at the process for the project more in depth, feel free to take a look at the process book linked below.